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Efficacy of Dense Breast Notifications

To date, 38 states have enacted requirements for written notifications to women with dense breast tissue – policies of keen relevance to the capacity of DeepLook Medical to see through density to reveal the underlying morphology. A Boston University Medical School study, published in this week’s JAMA, concluded that density notifications should be tailored to disparate communities and rigorously evaluated for efficacy, like the FDA did for cigarette warnings. One bright spot in related BU research: women in notification states were twice as likely to speak with their doctors about breast health.



Find It Early Act Introduced in Congress

Bipartisan congressional legislation was introduced today to mandate insurance coverage of
supplemental breast imaging without patient cost sharing. The bill’s sponsors, Reps. Rosa
DeLauro (D-CT) and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA), with journalist and advocate Katie Couric, stressed the live-saving need for access to additional imaging for the 40 percent of American women with dense breasts – coupled with a national standard for patient density notification, expected soon from the FDA. The Find It Early Act dovetails with our own software’s unique capacity to see through density, providing earlier and clearer data on suspicious lesions for both physicians and patients.



FEMOVATE Honors DeepLook

The Femovate women’s medtech program today recognized DeepLook Medical as a revolutionary radiology tool in breast health. This qualifies us for pro-bono UX research, design and product strategy services from Guidea, a leading user experience design agency. Guidea, a women-owned partner to twenty Fortune 100 companies, is investing $500K in FemTech innovation through the global Femovate project.



Partnership with Arterys, Leader in Cloud Medical Imaging

Arterys, a premier medical imaging platform, today announced a partnership with DeepLook Medical to improve efficiency and consistency in the oncology workflow. The Arterys platform will now offer DL Precise, our one-click segmentation and measurement utility. Arterys will demo DL Precise in its booth (#4719) at next week’s RSNA 2022 radiology trade show in Chicago.
Arterys obtained the first-ever FDA clearance of a DL/AI model and developed the first internet platform for medical imaging. The platform helps enable physicians to make near real-time, data-driven decisions to enhance patient care and facilitate pharmaceutical research. Arterys was recently acquired by Tempus, a technology company advancing precision medicine through the practical application of AI in healthcare – and with one of the world’s largest libraries of clinical and molecular data.



DeepLook Wins International Investor Pitch Competition

As DeepLook Medical prepares for major funding round in early 2023, CEO Marissa Fayer was invited to participate this week in Well4Tech, an intensive bootcamp for market-ready wellness startups looking to advance commercial deals, raise capital, and scale-up business. In the culminating pitch competition, DeepLook Medical won top honors. The event was hosted by Arieli Capital, with investment arms in Tel Aviv, London, and New York – including an investment arm (ShareNett) that includes 430 leading family offices in the U.S. In the near future, Marissa will also present to the ShareNett community.



Cervical Cancer Initiative in Costa Rica

HERhealthEQ, the social-enterprise nonprofit founded by DeepLook CEO Marissa Fayer, soon will launch an expanded partnership with Lutech Industries, Inc. to provide 100 innovative colposcope devices to improve diagnosis of cervical cancer in 10 medically-underserved nations. Cervical cancer is the fourth most frequent cancer in women worldwide. Through this initiative, over 450,000 women will gain access to the digital video colposcopes which detect cervical cancer.
The collaboration, launched today in Costa Rica, was underwritten by Hologic, the world’s largest manufacturer of women’s health equipment. Nearly ten years ago, HERhealthEQ was formed when Fayer, then working at Hologic, learned that the number of mammograms performed at a Costa Rica hospital had declined sharply because of faulty old machinery. She created a series of partnerships to secure the donation of mammography equipment from Hologic, along with a multi-year service agreement. This has since served as the nonprofit’s business model. It reflects the importance of gender health equity – and the imperative to deliver digital preventive care directly to consumers.



DeepLook Named One of Top Women-Led MedTech Start-ups

We believe that diversifying the executive suite enhances innovation – and investor ROI. So it was gratifying that DeepLook Medical is featured as one of the top women-led start-ups in the Women in Medtech edition of Medical Design & Outsourcing (page 40). In its review of Diversity in MedTech, our CEO Marissa Fayer said: “Women want to make a change and companies need to react to that.” Especially as a company with disruptive mammography technology, DeepLook fully embraces gender healthcare equity and diversity in the C-suite.



De-masking Density

US Rep. Rosa DeLauro, the leading congressional voice on women’s healthcare, today announced two important steps forward toward addressing the challenge of dense breast tissue: national standards for patient density notification and new legislation to mandate insurance coverage for breast imaging. Density can mask cancer. Rep. DeLauro’s policy leadership coincides with our launch of DL PreciseTM, which can see through dense tissue to help un-mask mammographic data.



CEO Addresses Conference on Outsourcing Clinical Trials

CEO Marissa Fayer was invited to speak yesterday at the Outsourcing in Clinical Trials Conference in Boston. The conference focused on Overcoming the Barriers to Trial Innovation and Technology Access from a Small Company's Point of View. Topics included reducing prohibitive costs of innovation access and removing other barriers, and connecting with vendors to get access to technologies as a small-company's budget and resources.



38th State Enacts Density Notification

Effective today, Ohio extended insurance coverage for supplemental screening in women of all ages with dense breast tissue, including 3D tomosynthesis – and became the 38th state to require dense breast notification for patients. This grassroots movement began in our own Connecticut neighborhood by women with dense tissue whose diagnoses were missed or delayed. The debate also sharpened DeepLook Medical’s focus on new tools, starting with DL Precise, that can literally see through density – providing doctors and patients a much clearer view of suspicious lesions.



Marissa Fayer Named as DeepLook CEO

We’re thrilled to introduce Marissa Fayer, a national leader on women’s heathcare, as the new CEO of DeepLook Medical. For our young company, this is a big step – and we couldn’t be more excited. As a former executive of Hologic, Marissa helped roll out the first 3D mammography systems and has been a compelling voice for gender health equity. Since we first met three years ago at a medtech conference, Marissa has been a valued advisor – and know DeepLook will benefit enormously from her stewardship.



Nominee for Best New Radiology Software

Our DL PreciseTM was nominated today to be honored as this year’s “Best New Radiology Software” by Aunt Minnie, a leading industry publication. Our product was selected as a semi-finalist for the 2021 award, amid tall timber like GE, Hologic and Philips – for “best and brightest” work ranging from dementia diagnosis to pulmonary embolism triage. Thanks to Aunt Minnie and our whole DeepLook Medical team!



FDA Clears One-Click Segmentation & Measurement Tool

The FDA has granted 510(k) clearance for DL PreciseTM, our one-click tool to automate segmentation and measurement of suspicious objects in all imaging modalities. With a single click, DL PreciseTM instantly measures the long/short dimension axes, as well as area and estimated volume. Its speed and precision offer critical workflow improvement, especially in images with multiple objects to measure. In the thumbnail image at left, DL PreciseTM uses vivid color to illustrate segmentation in a suspicious area of a mammogram.



COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects Call for Precise Measurement in Breast Screening
Side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine underscore yet again the importance of precise measurement in breast screening. In a new study by three leading cancer centers, women who’d been vaccinated presented suspicious axillary lymph nodes during routine screening – leading to “a diagnostic conundrum” in which potential cancer may be “indistinguishable” from nodular changes related to the vaccine. The experts recommended tracking the size, number, and shape of suspicious nodules – for which precise measurement is critical. The variability of current manual measurement, already a chronic imaging problem, is now also a challenge in the COVID context.



"Mouse Miles" To Go Before I Sleep
A new study published in RSNA’s Radiology journal reports that one radiology resident logged 1.37 mouse miles and nearly 11,000 keystrokes in a single eight-hour shift. The authors argue for automation of repetitive and time-consuming chores – precisely our rationale for one-click measurement.



DeepLookTM News

DeepLook Granted U.S. Patent Protection

DeepLook Inc., a Connecticut-based medical software start-up, today obtained U.S. patent protection for innovative medical imaging technology that next year will help launch a suite of new commercial radiology products.



DeepLook Granted U.S. Patent Protection

Our core shape-search technology today was awarded a U.S. patent for all its medical imaging applications using x-ray attenuation. The DeepLook Medical software is designed both to streamline radiologist workflow and improve patient outcomes. The patented software powers our first FDA-cleared device – DL PreciseTM, a one-click digital ruler for consistent segmentation and measurement of structures, nodules and lesions.